10 Important Wedding Tips That Everyone Must Know

Oh, Hey there! It’s that time of year again, no not the
holidays, it’s wedding season! There’s so much advice out there for the
perfect wedding that we thought we would weigh in and give you the Bestie Dos and Don’ts
list when it comes to your big day. We hope that you’ll say YES and subscribe
to Bestie. Help support our channel by watching this
video until the end. Full disclosure you should totally do what
you want because it’s your big day. These are just our recommendations which are
intended to be taken with a grain of salt. Don’t do it all yourself
Repeat after me…you are not superhuman, and no one expects you to be. Weddings take a lot of work to plan, pay for
and execute. Especially if you’re planning a big party. Wedding planners can be expensive and most
of us don’t have the budget for that so we wind up doing it ourselves. This is a great way to save money, but it
can be a big stressor. You want this day to be something you look
back on with fond memories, you don’t want to be remembering all the endless nights of
planning. Do ask for help when you need it
Especially if you have a wedding party. These are the people who are closest to you
and they will be more than willing to help you out if you ask. Most people don’t want to overstep when
it comes to wedding planning, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you need a little help
with something. To be clear, reaching out for help and delegating
are two different things. You don’t want to force people into something
they don’t want to do, so make sure that the tasks you are assigning to your friends
and family are manageable. A great thing to get your best man or maid
of honour to plan is the bachelorette / bachelor parties if you’re having one. That’s one less thing on your plate. Some other things would be in the DIY department,
which brings us to the next thing. Don’t go DIY bananas
Doing things yourself is a great way to save a lot of money. Yes you’re talented, you might be the most
crafty person on the block. However, it’s not about your level of craftsmanship
it’s about the amount of time this kind of stuff takes. You have to keep in mind all the projects
you want to do as well. Homemade party favours for 300 people? That’s gonna take a while. Decorated mason jars filled with little bits
of babies breath? Again, these types of things, while truly
are beautiful and made from the heart all take a lot of time to make. Just keep that in mind when adding your personal
touches. Speaking of which… Do add your own personal flair
While you should limit the amount of “Do It Yourself” type of projects, you should
definitely make sure that the style of your wedding reflects who you and your partner
are, and no one else. If you want to have french fries at your wedding,
then go for it! If you want to have a pink wedding dress,
then we say do it. Honestly, this day is all about the two of
you celebrating your love, so shouldn’t it reflect what your love means to the world? This is why small DIY projects are great,
because it’s a wonderful way to inject a bit of your personality into the day. If someone doesn’t agree with your decorating
choices or color scheme just remember, they’ll get over it. Oh, and while we’re on the topic of doing
what you want to do. Don’t invite anyone you don’t want at
the wedding This goes along with the attitude of our last
point, and it’s a big one we feel like we REALLY need to mention. This can also get tricky, because of family
dynamics. Who doesn’t have a family that can be difficult
at times. Keep in mind this is your day, and if you
know that certain family members will make you feel anxious, or have the potential to
ruin your big day then the answer is simple. Don’t invite them. You don’t have to let toxic people into
your life just because they’re family. We have another video called “How To Deal
With Negative People & Toxic Family Members” that you should watch if you’re feeling
nervous about this topic. You want this day to be filled to the brim
with love and you want to share this very special event with those people that deserve
to be there. On the subject of attendance… Do have your wedding as big or small as you
want Unfortunately, there’s no recipe for the
perfect wedding. Everyone is different and we all like different
things. That’s part of the reason why weddings are
so fun, you get a glimpse into the world of your closest friends and are surrounded by
the common fact that everyone loves and supports these people. One thing your wedding should never be is
a popularity contest. Not only will it be more expensive the more
people you invite, but if you invite everyone you know and their dog, it won’t seem as
special. You want this day to be about your partner
and those who you truly care about. This is a day you’re probably going to remember
for the rest of your life. When looking back at the photos you want to
think happy thoughts, not “oh boy, why did we invite THAT person.” A good rule of thumb when it comes to inviting
friends, if you haven’t hung out with them in the last year, they will probably understand
if they don’t receive an invite. Other things to keep in mind for this are
your budget, the venue and what kind of wedding day you want to have. That should help when it comes to choosing
who to invite. Onto another hard decision… Don’t have a big night of drinking the night
before the wedding Ok, this one might be harder said than done,
especially if you’ve gotten the whole wedding party together for a rehearsal the day before. It’s a celebration and who doesn’t want
to fit in as much fun as possible while you’re all together. However, future you will thank you if you
go easy on the bubbly the night before the big day. You know, the day where a million and one
photos will be taken of you and your partner? You know what ruins pictures? Being tired and hung over. Alcohol disrupts our normal sleep cycle and
you won’t get the restful beauty sleep you need before your big day. We’re not saying you can’t partake in
the fun, just save some of the party for the big day. Do have friends and family around the eve
before Ever hear of cold feet? Hopefully you’re not having second thoughts,
but it’s completely normal to feel weirded out, or extremely nervous the night before
you say “I do”. In fact, you’ll probably experience a moment
or two of feeling this way. That’s why it’s a great idea to have some
close friends or family around you the night before the big celebration. A wedding has many moving parts and yes, it’s
likely one or two things will probably go awry but you don’t want to stay up all night
thinking about these things and stressing out for no reason. Having a few close pals, or your family around
the night before you tie the knot can be a real game changer. They will put your worried mind at ease, especially
if they’ve got some sage advice to offer, too. This is why our point about inviting only
those people you really love to the wedding is so important, it’ll be one less thing
you have to stress about the night before. On the topic of stress, we head to our next
point. Don’t sweat the small stuff on your big
day Life is full of unexpected surprises and there’s
no way to omit your wedding day from this trend. Some things will probably go wrong. Hopefully it’s only little things that can
be easily fixed, or that you can do without. When murphy’s law steps in and causes chaos
you wanna stay cool as a cucumber. Besides, by the time the actual wedding day
rolls around there’s probably very little that can be done about the cake being the
wrong flavour, or the fact that your flower girl has the flu. If you’re having an outdoor wedding you
always want to have a contingency plan in place. Other than that you’ll just have to go with
the flow, and enjoy all the things that go right on your special day. Do have a day you’ll never forget
We wish you nothing but joy and happiness on your big day. You’ve worked so hard to put this party
together so now it’s time to do just that. PARTY!!! Try not to concern yourself with too many
details on the day of the wedding. You should free yourself of most, if not all
of the responsibilities. This is where your closest friends, and wedding
party can step in to help. They can communicate with the venue staff
on when to bring out the cake, or when to set up the homemade photo booth. Most of these decisions should already be
made, and executing them on the day of should be as simple as yes or no. Which anyone of your friends or family can
handle. Your job? To be showered with love, and have the best
wedding day possible. Are you getting married soon? Are you already married and had the best wedding
ever? Why not let us know in the comments section


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