2代目ギルティ侍 イーデン・カイ

Today’s Landers, We have a special guest! Eden Kai!! Pleased to meet you! This might be our first time on media together. Our chance to push seniority. That’s right. Let us be all high and mighty. I have this weird motto within myself, If I’m getting dumped, I’d rather get dumped completely. I noticed watching “Terrace House,” You really like cute girls. He’s so tense. Let’s try asking frank questions. Boobs Or Bums? We’re done! Let’s finish for the day! Whoa whoa whoa. You’re in the way. And cheers! Itadakimasu! Today’s Landers, We have a special guest! Eden Kai! Pleased to meet you. I’m sure our viewers recognize him. He was one of the starting members of… …”Terrace House Aloha State.” Yes. Once he graduated, Taishi joined. That’s right. Brings back memories. He was only 18 at the time. This might by our first time on media together. It is. Right? We’ve posted ourselves on Instagram and stuff. So first time in a motion video. Right. I think this is our first. I think so. Congrats. A dream collab. Thank you. We’d like to ask about your music, relationships, Also, us Landers have been calling ourselves… “…hanging by the cliff” as challengers. But today, we have a young kid here, We plan to act like snobby seniors. Our chance to push seniority. That’s right. Let us be all high and mighty. We’re going all out. Please do. He also has a submissive character. He does. He makes a docile approach. So we mistakenly feel superior. Ukulele boy. That he is. It’s my favorite scene in the show. He goes on a movie date with Lauren Tsai, And he had a dinner reserved afterwards. But she had other plans and left. This was 3 years ago and I’m still made fun of it. Like everyday. I also watched the Tokyo season, Again, he asks a girl out for a fireworks festival. I did. I actually don’t know the outcome. How did it go? Well, basically, same thing… I have this weird motto within myself, If I’m getting dumped, I’d rather get dumped completely. I have this desire. Determined, in many ways. Kinda scary, getting dumped habitually. Tell us some concerns. Any issues? Needing guidance? Landers is here to solve them for you. Concerns… Is it love? A new crush? Spit it out. I guess it’s a good opportunity… “…A love to die for.” Nice question! I’d like to learn. Just to confirm, You know the outcome of his “Love to die for?” Love..to…uh, yes. Yes. Why so vague? And yet, you want to ask. I guess. Wait, so, what is it Kai, Do you want a girlfriend? Well, it’s more simply… Are you currently in love? well, umm… You know, as you can look at this guy here, These guys are musicians. They often are in love. Guess so. Musicians are always in love. Uh huh. Especially you. I’m a piece of s**t. Uh, okay. You said it. To be a musician is to be a pice of s**t. By the way, There’s a saying. Be a piece of s**t, fine. But make it a song, then. Only the experience grows… Big farm, but no veggies. Hold on a sec. I am producing! One thing I can say is… …Yusuke shines bright. When I was 21… I was a piece of s**t. We were trying to patronize, But the seniors are depressed. No no, please. The only advantage we have, if any, would be love. Love? What kind of advantage? Relationship experience. In terms of experience, true… …But none of us are successful. All 3 of us. We have an engagement breaker here. What is success in relationships? Isnt’t it mariage? Too much girls’ manga. Relationships continue after marriage. Well, in that case, I think you call it a success if you’re… …building a good relationships with your loved one. I see. So currently we are… Can I ask a serious question? Of course. Anything. We’re honored. I don’t know if I should call it “average,” Regularly, when you meet someone, How many dates do you go on? You mean until becoming exclusive? Right. Or until you ask her out. Right. How many dates before you move forward? You mean to have sex? Not specifically that… …but until you become exclusive. OK, then, how many dates… …do you think you need to ask someone out? I guess it depends on each person… You can’t say that… 4 to 5 times. That’s quite a few. Which means you would have fewer? After 3 dates, then… On that third date, I would trade vows. Trade vows… A contract? I rip open the zigzag wrapping. On that third date. How many? Of those wrappings? I can only do once, so just 1. Only once. I won’t take her time. Only once, and it’s quick. I don’t waste time. Work early tomorrow? No problem. You can make the last train. 100%. I actually want to ask our viewers, Boys, girls, lesbians, gays, bi, trans, etc. Asking everybody, After how many dates, would you move forward, To sex, relationship, dating, etc. To a steady relationship? We’d like some inputs. It could be different for everyone. As it should be. We’d like to hear individual opinions. As for Kai, Very steady. 4~5 dates. He likes to take time. So how about this, A challenging question. Between the 3 of us, Which Senpai would you rather be? I don’t think he would want to be any one of us. If Eden Kai HAD TO CHOOSE, Who would it be? You only have 3 choices. Please choose! If I were to become one? Choose your one idol. Well… Did you choose? Yes. Yes! How boring. The reason is quite clear. Boring. No, we don’t need to hear it. You guys suddenly lost interest. I honestly thought it’ll be me. It’s simply because, You’re also a musician, Just like me, When we first met, and I consulted, You gave me many inputs from different angles. (Eden Kai being very considerate) Same with everybody, You all have many things… …that i don’t have. I noticed watching “Terrace House,” You really like cute girls. I did get a lot of feedback about that. People talk on the internet. To make one excuse, please, go ahead. When meeting someone for the first time, With no background info of that person, The only impression you have is physical appearance. True. You’re right. From there, you talk and learn about the person… …and gradually start falling in love. Supposedly. So, it might sound like an excuse, but, No matter how beautiful that person is, I wouldn’t want to date her if she’s shallow in the inside. But you wouldn’t be able to tell that… …from the first impression, right? Right. But, Maybe it was edited that way in the show, But it looked like you fell in love immediately. Perhaps you fall in love before getting to know her? In reality, there were… …more talks going on behind the scenes. I see. So you got to know her pretty well? To some extent, we… …chit-chatted. That word choice lol. So you actually went on a few dates? Yes. We had some proper conversations beforehand. He’s so tense. Let’s try asking frank questions. Boobs Or Bums? Let’s start from the Sensei’s. Bums. Bums it is. Shun Sensei? Boobs for me. Me, I don’t discriminate. Eden, which party are you? I don’t mind either. You don’t MIND? I never really consider it. What’s your type? That’s been always consistent from before, Someone who does something I can respect. It can be anything. But committed to something. Something to be passionate about. An aspiring job. Or it could be a hobby. Someone who is… Passionate. Yes. Who could have a deep conversation. You know, he seems simple. Easily manipulated. How so? I don’t know. He sounds easy. Probably so. Wanna try “a love to die for?” Give it a shot? I’d like to learn. If you ever get dumped, come to me. I know a few tricks in overcoming the heartbreak. Please. I’m experienced. The successor of Guilty Samurai. With an ukulele. Like the album cover of The Clash. How about the type of Senpai you don’t like? Good one. Honestly. You can hurt our feelings. In any industry, Someone who’s bossy just because of seniority. I hate those types. We’re done! Let’s finish for the day! Good work guys! Alright, any final words, Or any announcements from Eden, As we wrap this up? Announcements. Even though we’re a tiny channel… …with only a few thousand followers… No no, not at all. Starting from last year, I’ve had several turning-point moments in life. Right now, I’m pursuing the music I really want to do, And the life I really want to live, And I’m currently producing an EP… …that really defines the new me. How many tracks? 5 songs. It’s usually between 4~6 songs. When’s the release? Within this year. It just started. Releasing his new style within this year. An EP that represents it. One of the songs is already released as a single, Since last month. What is the title? “Outside Inside.” It’s a good song. Currently streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. Please give it a listen. We’ll leave a link in the comment section below. So we were joined by a young, bright, So bright… Up-and-coming musician, Eden Kai. Brought to you by LA LA Landers, The rotten eggs, hanging by the edge. Alright everyone, Kai won’t be joining us from next week. Even still, we ask you to subscribe! And please follow Kai’s music as well! Alrighty, see you next week!


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