【KPOP PLANNER】 July Decoration + BTS Stamp DIY (Eng/Esp)

Hi! I’m Cori from Koori Style. Today I’ve for you an easy and fun craft to do! I’ll also share with you June’s update and July’s deco ^^ I’ll start by marking June’s end with a cute sticker 🙂 Now I’ll show you the final decoration of June ^.^/♥ I loved the pastel tones I used for this monthly view. The theme of this week: a cafe date with Baekhyun and V hehe ♥. This week I was inspired by chibi Suga. You can find the drawing tutorial link in the description ↓ The 3rd week was inspired by this Yesung’s picture ^.^/♥ For the last week I tried combining the background colors of V’s image :3 Now let’s decorate July~ ♪ You can find the link for this Kpop organizer DIY in the description 🙂 I’ll be using these stickers I printed on adhesive paper. And washi tape that combines with the image ;3 I made these EXO & B.A.P stamps in a past video (link in the description) So~ today I’ll make a BTS stamp using an eraser. It’s gonna be easy! First I’ll draw only one side of the new BTS logo. With an Xacto I’ll cut carefully from the outline→outside Now I’ll make tests. Mine ended up looking like this 🙂 Just with 1 stamp we can make 2 logos: BTS & ARMY ♥! Let’s start decorating July’s monthly view :3 Let’s use the new stamp>w


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