❓How Firewalk Adventures is an Event Planners Dream Come True.

– Hi, Dave Albin here,
Firewalk Adventures. So I wanted to make this
really special video here for all my event planners, for the ones who are
doing business with us and even the ones that are
potential event planners and considering it, and the first thing I wanna let you know is that we take care of everything. Guys, I get it. I’ve been dealing with
event planners for years, and you guys, you know, you work hard. It’s intense. Your clients are demanding. They’re time-sensitive. You’re keeping a lot of balls
in the air at the same time. The attention to detail so
everything has to be perfect, and I totally get that, and the beauty is when you hire us, we take care of everything. You don’t have to do anything. We’re gonna be on time. We’re gonna perform. We’re gonna make you look like a rockstar. Once we’ve done everything and we’ve created that experience and that client gets back to you, here’s what you’re gonna hear: Oh my gosh! My team is, they’re on fire right now! They’re playing together better than I’ve ever could’ve imagined! I mean, they’ve really
transformed their lives, so thank you, you know,
for bringing this guy to us or this company to us, and it’s really kinda easy
to sell a market as well because if you get a client
that calls you and says, hey, you know what? I wanna do something different. I don’t wanna go golfing. I don’t wanna go bowling. I don’t wanna go on a scavenger hunt. I want something that’s life-changing, something that maybe would
create a paradigm shift in my people, something that would make them be better. You can answer and say, hey, wait, great. You know what? Do you know who Tony Robbins is? And of course, they’re
probably gonna say yes, and you can say, well guess what? We have is Firewalk guy. We have the guy that worked
for him for almost 20 years creating his experiences
all over the world, and we can him directly to you, and he will design something
specifically for your company, for your culture, your message, the launch of a new product. Whatever it is, we can design it in and around whatever’s
going on for your client. Again, my name’s Dave Albin. We’re Firewalk Adventures. Thanks for listening. If you’d like a little more information, if you’d like to talk with us, if you’d like to talk with me personally, there’s a link right here below. Just click on that link. Give us a little bit of information, and we’ll get your event going for you. Thanks again.

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