मुलगा “ना”पसंत आहे | Getting Married | मुली मुलांमध्ये काय पाहतात | Arranged Marriage | Anandi Anand

Good Morning mom.. Yes.. I am Ready.. having some work having workload at office need to work on holiday too no, not seen yet mom… How many times have I been told that I don’t Want to get married now… noo… Yes agree, I am well educated having good job.. I should get married at right age. Agree with everything.. But I don’t want to get married now Please don’t force me… okkk… I see the profile.. Yes, seeing immediately.. I have profile Id I Will call you.. I am just irritated of all these IT, Pune, 15 lakh package house at hometown But not having his flat at Pune He is working in Pune so He must have own flat in Pune I did not like this profile Hello mom I have seen the profile But that boy doesn’t have his own flat in Pune Yes. except that profile is good be careful next time. I will talk to you later. Have office work Both the boy’s name and surname should be unique and good Package must be 10 lakh plus per annum Mom, that boy is having two younger sisters noooo and he is not engineer… I want engineer possibly boy should not be having business.. minimum 6 feet height and no spectacles dad .. This salary is very in US.. 20 Lakh package is not sufficient their I don’t think we should go ahead and he not even good in complexion no dad… I don’t want guy working in marketing field ..he need to travel lot it will be best , if he is single child ohhh.. boy is very smart .. a single child, own flat working in good company and having good package great.. My parents have chosen good profile let’s see his expectations.. (She wiggles) What a weird expectations The girl should be able to make her home and cooking.. i don’t even know how to cook using pressure cooker… who will make home and food after coming from office… I can’t I want fair and handsome boy I can’t adjust in joint family. They are having business too.. I can’t my girl is having such expectations about her marriage… I don’t know how to find perfect guy for her…. I am very worried for my girl… This is very common story of every family Finding a life partner is like online shopping for today’s generation Please do not make this mistake Understand the importance of marriage arrangements Then and then chose your mate I hope you have enjoyed this video Do comment, Like , Share and Subscribe..


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