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Hello everyone,
my name is Marina and welcome to my channel today I have a
long-awaited video about the diary as
many people know For a whole year I was
leading such a golden diary and during the year every
month I shot a video on registration of this diary, by the way, I advise you
to see them, I have a whole playlist of such
videos and I’ll leave link to it in description in September, I started
here such a diary it’s much smaller than that ..
I spent three months that is, the whole autumn
and realized that he I have no inspiration,
and so recently I went fix-price and bought new notebook, it’s
clean all over red and everything is reflected
in it, it’s very cool for example, I have a calendar always at hand, and the
mirror – not always and the cover of this
notebook is always can be used as a mirror Today, I want to
issue my new diary both inside and outside, went… [music] Diary, I decided to
decorate like mine before the stickers, I
do not know why, but I such covers are
insanely inspiring, I took stickers from know-how, stuck a girl with the
inscription “I love Shaukuhu” well, and a variety of
stickers that fit the style In the middle there was a place, I’ll then figure out
what can be done there. or write.
First page at us will be devoted to the
whole month of December as always, I start with the name of course you need to add some New Year element,
I will have it garland, then I draw a calendar, from below, I will
write my goals I make a header, I paste
the hashtag of the month So, start filling ..
The first thing I want is write this calendar… this is .. note the week in
which, I wash the dishes now is this week, it turns out washes my mother, well,
not a week, but dishes 🙂 then the next and the
last will be washed by me Well, I decided to paint
these squares in red For this month I plan:
shoot and upload video very often, every
two or three days by this I want to raise
the asset on the channel and somehow gain one
hundred and fifty thousand subscribers, I do not know Will I get it, but it would be it’s nice to see such a
figure for the New Year and the last, for now,
the goal is to think the whole project, and what
a project, the secret 🙂 I’ll think it through
the whole month and in January
shooting will begin, wait – it will be really cool!
every month I now want to write the
number of subscribers, which I have at the
moment, also I probably, I will
do it every week we will see…
now of course not the first number, but
the fourth, but I think, that it is not very
important, now I have 136,949 subscribers The next page is
the one on which, I will write down
my ideas for video I will mark, when
which has removed, when mounted and when laid out, This is a very
convenient sign for me On the second left, I will have full page dedicated to notes and various reminders, it
seems to me in December they will be quite a lot… Well, the last page, on
it I will write down plans for every
day, just as well page for all seven
days, and in the first I’ll make a tracker of habits [music] So, in the tracker,
I’ll record six habits. The first is a video, which
means that every day I have to, do something for
the video, for example, to spread it, or to shoot, or you can mount it.
The next is cleaning, In fact, every day I have to Keep clean in your room Next – a shower, well, it’s
clear, water – in the morning, this is a very useful
habit and I have it, by the way, is formed,
but I, just in case, I will do it, because,
sometimes, I still forget. Flower – every day I need it water and last it is charging I called it that, but in general, I
am on an empty stomach in the morning should press the press and some more
exercises, it’s me too I want to get
myself into a habit Now I will fill in the
trackers for today, because the day has almost passed…
the video… so Video… of course, I
dedicate a lot to him time today, paint
over the square in black, if I did not fulfill something I just put a cross Cleaning… and of course,
after the video I have There is always
something to clean, so I will definitely clean up today In the morning I drank water,
I did not water the flower, so I’ll pour now, and
charge will do now too, after video ..
and then everything goes to the end Now we will do business… Monday – since I’m
on Monday nothing I did not plan, but he
already passed, I just I’ll write all the
things that I did today: make a video about the diary, go fix price and…
sort of like, it’s all… there is still a lot of room,
I’ll finish it somehow Tuesday is tomorrow,
again – installation, um .. next, I want tomorrow… also remove some video,
until I know for sure .. Well, that’s all for now.
Wednesday is a dance, I do not know in which of these days
I will post a video .. this is how you can mount, I do not know, therefore,
either on Wednesday or Tuesday. On Thursday –
I have plans… it is necessary to
go to the fix price, Straight exclamation
mark put, so be sure .. because, there will
be an importation these… cool notebooks that change the color and such “paetok”…
“pajetok” In general, I really want it, I’ve
been looking for it for a long time… Everyone said that they took
it apart, but they told us that on Thursday there
will be a new delivery. On Thursday I will shoot
some video in any way, therefore – make a video…
I will add it later. which one, because… it
will be easier for me. Saturday-Sunday, so
far I do not know, but I definitely will
be shooting every day, mount every day. Actually, while I
have no other plans. All… let’s do a
little more week and .. all. [music] By the way, I figured
out how to do it this notebook. I decided
to cut out these letters and add the word
“daily” from them [music] Well, that’s all, it was
all my video, if it’s you liked putting
your fingers up, subscribe to my channel
and I’m going to to shoot such videos
every month, again resume this section, because from the summer, I gave her a
little podzabrosil, by the way, do not forget to see my Previous videos, where
I made out this one a golden diary, and
this little one… Link to the playlist, I’ll
leave in the description, Well, also, I very much ask
you to click on the bell, because, very many
people write that they Do not receive
notifications and they just do not know when I left a new video, so be sure to click on the bell 🙂
if you are this has not been done yet and
you will not simply find out, that I have a new
video, but you will its the very first to watch! And that’s it!
I love you, see you very soon, yet 🙂 [music]


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