Бортик с декоративной строчкой защипами

hello everyone today I want to show how to sew such a side with such a it is called a decorative line in different ways I call protection we with such here with a bow and in order to sew such side we need a plain fabric tapes can either be made fabric ties also like pins scissors ruler I have a pencil and a filler holofiber in the form of balls to start us two squares need to be cut out of fabric one square we will have a standard 32 at 32 if you will do defense with two sides to you need to take a larger square that is 34 by 34 centimeters you can even more better then trim the excess than if you don’t miss as I have two square 1 34 by 34 2 32 by 32 we put aside a small square now take our big square iron it and determine the size of the squares you you can make big squares with me squares will be 11 by 11 centimeters you start i take fold square diagonals to make it easier to place squares markup like envelope blanket prep stretching fold in the second diagonal and ironing you can do like this here and swallow I repeat again at me 11 to 11 so we take pin and pin from the middle of 11 centimeters on the bottom and the second side now neatly on this pin bend and see that we have a line going I apply exactly the same reason for this side here so we got markup now can set aside and prepare the rest details for the bow we need here such a strip it is my length 71 centimeter you can do any length can be shorter can be longer then my opinion is average length standard in width and ribbon with us 13 centimeters you can also do wider and u can say 15 do I want to mow the corner of the ribbon a little so I measure out at any distance the edges this miles measured 9 centimeters from one right edge and from the second also 9 and so this fold from the corner could the edge spend lines and cut [music] on the other hand, exactly the same here we should get this detail also put it aside and to us you need another loop for a bow it will be us rectangle size 7 by 8 centimeters we stitch it long side. this is the side we have gpt 8 centimeters now you can start wasting our details and now we take our iron the square fold it by lines I usually start from the main lines and neatly we spend about one and a half two try to millimeter on the edge stitch evenly somewhere like this and so it turns out exactly the same doing with our other parallel diagonals parallel lines for 3 days [music] so here we have it now we add our other side again I start a long diagonal and gently stitch figure crossing lines so that they we all looked one way either up or down also We attach the adjacent line so that these are these intersections too they are all she looked one way that is, if central us here look down means these, too, should not look at us now gotta swallow our lines so that they look everyone was lying [music] and so it turned out that it will be superfluous can be cut attach our small square standard if you are sewing for the first time I recommend you make a stock of a centimeter 3 so as not to there were problems so you can have a lot of unnecessary was cut and then you already get comfortable and you will know how to spend what size will be put out for now and now we need to sew our we fold and sew the ribbon I’ll decorate it about half a centimeter and we leave the middle place to turn out and loop our fold ball side here is 8 centimeters across bend and sew in here too on half a centimeter or it’s the width of the foot we pro scribbled along the edge cut our corners not reaching the line and we turn so that the corner is exactly the note I take brush and align it with a brush exterminated also consume our loop it make using pins so he knows but [music] straighten so that was in the middle of ours iron the line also iron our ribbon brother straighten the seam do not straighten these holes offer to make it easier to sew blind stitch now we sew the hole this we went our ribbon secretly you can start assembling with a stitch our side we need to mark the places of the act will fasten ribbons I will enter two centimeter from the outer edges from the top from above so we fold in half in half bend here to where we attach our loop folded on this the middle fasten with a pin also take our ribbons and cut four tapes 60 centimeters long fold them in half fasten with such pins and lay out all four things like this on we impose our convex stitches up and cleave everything with pins ladies pricked with pins we sew on foot width leaving holes below to turn do not forget to make tack [music] in the same place we make places several times our ribbons ladies about scribbling we need to cut our corners and reaching us it’s all 4 lines nook and neatly through our holes screw in so as not to be pricked with pins with which the ribbons are fixed basin we all were take a brush again and we manage our corners now we take the iron and again, carefully iron and smoothing our hole in it was easier due to countersunk stitch here straightening on [music] also on the back Now take the filler and fill our port and starting from the top corners not gradually put on when we got our mountains tag holes neatly cleave with pins and sew with blind stitch [music] or you can conclude on a sewing machine for massage or our holes well level our side we have left just insert our bow do as follows take our ribbon insert so here it turns out steel this end long start here here this ribbon that we bring down it’s skinned tail okay straighten our bow and our side is ready here we got a side very a beautiful bow can also be moved to alternate the other side with such next video I will show how to sew here such a side also with decorative twist the line with the same bow if you liked my video put like and subscribe to my channel until
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